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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

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  • Fe Fi Fo Fum! This week in Holly Class we've had great fun!

    Published 07/05/18, by Sandra Smart

    Well our beanstalk has continued to grow this week and is now heading across the ceiling! On Thursday we came into school to find some strange things had happened...

    "It has poisonous spikes on it!" exclaimed Alfie.
    "The giant did it to make Jack stuck up the beanstalk." explained Max.

    "There was a aeroplane that flew down with a letter from Jack." said Matilda.

    "He asked us to make a parachute." recalled Grace L.

    This week the children explored what materials from Jack's list would be best to make their parachutes.

    "I want to make a foil parachute because metal is quite strong so it won't break and the air won't go through it." explained Toby.

    "Mine is going to be paper circles." said Kacy.

    Next week the children will plan and build a prototype of their parachute so stay tuned to see what they come up with!


    Also this week we have continued with our seed growing experiment. Edward made some interesting observations...

    "The best place for the seeds to grow was in the soil. The next best place was the stones. Then the slate. None grew in the sand." he said.

    "In Literacy we made our own Jack and the Beanstalk stories. In mine, Jack couldn't get back down." Beth said.

    This week we have continued to work on our outside gardening plots. As our "Gardening Expert" Tommy led a group of children, sharing his knowledge about how to plant and grow strawberry plants.

    A huge well done goes to Bailey this week for being the first member of the class to have used the reading area frequently during choosing time. He has received 5 magic beans which have grown into 5 Dojo points!

    Who will be next to fill their lucky bag?

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  • Magic Beans

    Published 29/04/18, by Sandra Smart

    Well what an exciting start we have had to the new term in Holly Class. Last week we received a video message from a boy called Jack. He told us he had taken his cow to market to sell her but instead of getting money for her, he exchanged her for magic beans (or so the seller told him!). His mum would be furious if she found out he had come back with beans so he asked us to look after them for him.

    "He told us he had hidden the beans in our classroom. We had to hunt for them. We each got one to look after." explained Grace C.

    We also have our own magic beanstalk growing in Holly Class.

    "The beanstalk keeps growing..." said Edward.

    Vinnie added, "...It only grows in the night. That's when it comes alive."

    We have been going bean mad in all areas of our learning...

    "We played a bean game in PE." said Francesca.
    "There was baked bean. We had to lay down and pretend to sunbathe." Bailey recalled.
    "There was a frozen chilli bean. We had to pretend we were cold." added Grace C.
    "...and there was a runner bean. We had run fast." said Esme.

    We have also had the Beebots out. We have programmed them with simple algorithms to travel from Jack's house to collect items such as the harp, golden eggs and magic beans without bumping into the giant's castle.

    Outside we have weeded the garden plots and have started planting flowers. Tommy brought in a sunflower he had grown from a seed at home so be sure to have a look at it as you walk past the outside area.

    Inside we have begun some growing experiments...

    "We planted seeds in the tuff tray. There are stones, some sand, soil and grey, flat stones (slate)." Edward described.

    "We had to guess where the seeds would grow best." Beth explained. 

    On the way to school Esme and Grace C found some beens so we have put them into glass jars so that we can watch them germinate.



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  • Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?!

    Published 14/03/18, by Sandra Smart
    We celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dressed in our pyjamas or by dressing up as our favourite book character. "I was dressed up as the Hungry Caterpillar." said Bradley. "I wear my pyjamas. A unicorn was on the
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  • Once upon a time...

    Published 23/02/18, by Sandra Smart
    In Early Years we started our new topic this week by coming into school dressed as story characters from traditional tales. The Big Bad Wolf The Elf and the Shoe Maker Peter Pan The Ugly Duckling   “I was
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  • Happy Half Term and Happy New Year (Chinese style!)

    Published 09/02/18, by Sandra Smart
    This week we started our new whole school reading reward scheme and many of us got some stamps on our charts. A big well done to the four children (and their families) who got their first shiny star sticker today!   "In our reading diari
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  • How has this week measured up for Holly Class?

    Published 02/02/18, by Sandra Smart
    This week we have been learning to use the computer to draw a picture and add a title.   “Miss Brophy was drawing a polar bear. She showed us how to do it.” said Matilda.   “We drawed all around it the water. W
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  • Art, Dance and Creative Thinking!

    Published 31/01/18, by Sandra Smart
    Over the last two weeks we have continued to learn more about Snowflake the polar bear by watching clips from the BBC's Snow Bears programme which can be found on BBC iplayer. We have also been using the internet and looking at information books
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  • What a Great Start to the New Year!

    Published 12/01/18, by Sandra Smart
    What a fantastic start we have had to the New Year in Holly Class! Last Friday Mr Richardson and Mrs Cobb taught us all about Epiphany during worship and we found out how it is celebrated in Spain (where Mr Richardson used to live and teach). During
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  • The true meaning of Christmas...

    Published 18/12/17, by Anna Wells
    Well what an outstanding performance the children of Holly Class put on for friends and family this week during our Christmas Nativity Worship! Both parents and teachers were bursting with pride as each child took on their role to make the Christmas
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  • Fun on the Reindeer Run!

    Published 09/12/17, by Sandra Smart
    We have had great fun this week getting ready for our Christmas Nativity Worship. Here is a sneak peek of our rehearsal. We cannot wait to show you all our hard work on Thursday 14th December at 2:15pm! This week we also welcomed the lovely Mis
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  • Feelings!

    Published 25/11/17, by Sandra Smart
    In Maths this week we have been showing Mrs Walker what we can do when it comes to reading numbers! Some of us have also been thinking about addition. “I added numbers.” said Grace L. “5 add 5 is 10.” said Toby. &ldqu
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  • Children in Need

    Published 18/11/17, by Sandra Smart
    It’s been another busy week in Holly Class! In Literacy we have been drawing and painting dragons and labelling their body parts using the sounds we have learnt in Phonics. Milana described what a label is…. “To write what the t
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