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Nyewood CE Infant School

Smiling, Caring and Learning Together on a Journey with God

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  • What will happen?

    Published 18/05/18, by Sam Mitchell
    This week we finished writing our Circus adverts. We thought about different sentence types and used this to help us write persuasive adverts. We used commands, statements, questions and exclamations. We also used lots of interesting description
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  • Adverts, balancing and tennis

    Published 27/04/18, by Sam Mitchell
    In English we have been learning a text map about Magic. It is an advert for a magician. Can you remember what the different symbols mean?        In PE we used rackets to practise our tennis skills. We started to hit the bal
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  • Let the Magic Begin!

    Published 20/04/18, by Sam Mitchell
    We had lots of fun this week. We had our Terrific Take-off. We conducted different experiments and couldn’t wait to see what they would do. They were like MAGIC! The Skittles’ colour ran like paint…       &n
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  • Happy Easter!

    Published 28/03/18, by Sam Mitchell
    In RE we made our Easter cards. We talked about what the different symbols we used meant and how they link to the Easter story: ‘The egg is for the tomb because it’s hollow like after Jesus left it.’ ‘The cross is where
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  • A Very Special Visit...

    Published 23/03/18, by Sam Mitchell
    In English this week we were writing recipes for cupcakes and sandwiches so we knew how to make them on Friday for our tea party. In Computing we used our typing skills to write invitations to invite the Queen to our tea party. On Wednesday we
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  • Let's Fly Away!

    Published 09/03/18, by Sam Mitchell
    We had a great time at Tangmere Aviation Museum. We were split into three groups: The Spitfires, The Hurricanes and The Meteors. We saw lots of planes including Spitfires and Hurricanes. We found out that the Hurricanes were made of wood and canvas a
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  • Here we go... London!

    Published 23/02/18, by Sam Mitchell
    This week, in English we shared a new book called ‘Romeo’s Tea with the Queen’. It is all about a city fox called Romeo who is invited to tea. He travels all around London with his friend, trying to find Buckingham Palace. Then we m
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  • Happy Half Term

    Published 09/02/18, by Sam Mitchell
    In Mathematics this week we have been learning about patterns. We had to complete repeating patterns and think of some of our own using shapes. Later in the week we were thinking about direction. We had to direct a Lego figure around a course using l
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  • Shape-tastic!

    Published 02/02/18, by Sam Mitchell
    In Mathematics we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We started by looking at 2D shape properties and how many faces and edges they have. Then we used this to help us learn about 3D shapes and what shape their faces are. 'A sphere has
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  • Writing Wizards!

    Published 19/01/18, by Sam Mitchell
    In English this week we have started writing our non-fiction texts about Paris. We planned the texts and researched facts to help us with our writing.         We continued our learning about money. We started to look at chan
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  • All Aboard!

    Published 11/01/18, by Sam Mitchell
    We started our new topic called ‘All Aboard!’. For our terrific take-off, we arrived at school with our bags packed. Year 2 had been transformed into an airport and the hall was an aeroplane. We gathered our boarding passes and pa
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  • Christmas!

    Published 20/12/17, by Sam Mitchell
    On Tuesday we made our sock puppets. We used our designs to help us. Then we had to choose the right materials to make it. It was a lot of fun!            On Wednesday we had a Christmas party with the rest
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